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Abit VP6...

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New Member
Mar 7, 2002
I bought a machine last year from overclockers.co.uk for doing gfx work on. It consisted of:

2x PIII 700E guaranteed to 933
2x Taisol CEK734092
512mb Corsair PC150 CAS 2 RAM

A work colleague put it together for me and overclocked it to dual 933's. Unfortunately the motherboard died, unsure why but convinced it wasn't due to the overclocking as it ran perfectly stable. I'd like to overclock the machine again but I'm not confident enough to do it without some help. If there's anyone out there with a similar setup to mine that could give me some bios settings I'd be really grateful. Also any other general tips would be really useful.


Senior Toilet Scrubber
Jan 16, 2001
Rosemount, MN
i have this board. kicks *** too. of course anything seems fast compared to the 300mhz pentium i'm on now.

i have 2 1000EB's at 150 fsb right now (1125 mhz) on the vp6.

how exactly did the motherboard die? did you get a new one, fix it, or just replace it? i know this board throws off a ton of heat since its a dually. did you have good ventalation. I have 9 fans in my case.

700E's at 933 should not have hurt the board at all since the board was made to support EB (133 fsb) chips.

when I oced my p3's to 150 i just set the chips to 133x7.5 and then underneath that setting there is an option to raise the fsb and memory by increments of 1 called cpu fsb plus. to get to 150 i just added 17 mhz. then there are 3 options. hostclk, hostclk-pciclk, and hostclk+pciclk. if you want your ram to run 1 to 1 with your cpu fsb i recomend leaving it at host clk. so if i use fsb+ to raise the fsb 17mhz to 133+17+150. both the fsb and memory are running at a 150 mhz bus.

now i havent tried this but I'm assuming this would work. say if your ram sucks (ie pc100) and your procssor is an EB (133) and you want to run the two together then you need to use hostclk-pci. i think this lets you run your processor at the 133 fsb and your ram at 100 mhz.

under this thare should be an option called speed error hold which you should turn off. and under this there should be two voltage options. cpu voltage and the 3.3v line. you shouldnt have to adjust the 3.3 line

to take your 700's to 933 you probably need about 1.65v-1.7v. if they're cranky you might need a bit more. try to stay under 1.90v.

as for the other settings on the board. i increase the agp apature to 256. I dont have anything else changed from default at the moment.

hope that helps