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Abits KT7E board

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Mar 10, 2001
Cleveland, TN
I've so far only seen one review of this board and it looks to be promising. I prefer reading a couple reviews before even considering to buy something. I had been planning to buy the KT7A-Raid...even though i dont ahve a use for the Raid at this time, i figured might as well in case I have need of it later. However after reading the review of the KT7E getting almost the exact same performace for less has me thinking maybe i dont really need worry with raid for awhile. My current system only has a cdrom,HD an floppy anyhow, plan to buy a burner soon and second HD before years end.

Should i stick with my previous plan an get the Kt7A-raid? Also been holding out waiting on more info about AMD new processors...want to make sure these boards will be compatible with them before buying one.
I'd go with the kt7a if your not interested in raid. I run all SCSI so it did not make sense for me to opt for the raid ethier. The kt7e only supports 200 mhz fsb, the kt7a supports up to 266.

Hope that helps,

If you don't care about RAID then go for the KT7A non Raid Version or KT7E. The KT7E does not support 2x133=266mhz, officially, but in a review it worked very well at 2x147mhz fsb. You want to be safe? go for the non RAID KT7A, $15 more than KT7E and $15 less than KT7A RAID. :) :) :)