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? about MC 462 installation..

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Mar 19, 2001
I'm about to go to work, but when I get home my MC 462 will be here. My only qusetion on installing is that Swiftech's instructions say not to use shoulder washers if the mobo mounting holes are already grounded. How do I know if the mounting holes on my mobo are grounded?
they are grounded it it already has a metal spacer between the metal and between your motherboard
Look at the holes. If they look like they have a metal ring around them, (almost like a solder ring), then they are grounded. The reason they do not want you to use the nylon spacers if the holes are already grounded is that that small amount of material that is used to ground the holes can change the amount of presure that is applied to the CPU which can be bad.
As stated, look for the metal ring around the mounting holes. If they are there then it is grounded. That nylon shim will then stops the heatsink from seating on the core properly. If you fire it up, you will fry the cpu in less than ten seconds.

I drilled access holes in the bottom M/B sheet metal plate so I can get to the bottom nylon nuts. I have removed the heatsink several times & had problems with the mounting lugs turning. I have a small pair of 90* needle nose pliers that I grab the lug to keep it from turning.


I don't get the cooling that the reviews post but it is 4*C better than my PEP 66 with two 26cfm Y/S fans.