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About Silent Tower 112

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Oct 9, 2003
That's crazy... I don't see how it could cool things well. Wait to see some reviews, but personally I think that thermalright is still better.


Dec 5, 2003
Mile High
I tried the SilentTower ( with the aluminum fins) a few weeks ago.
It's sitting on my desk before me as I type.

It was so egregiously terrible that I only used it for one day.
Since then I have been nagged by the feeling that perhaps I had done something very wrong and should give it another chance.
I'm nearly ready to do just that, but still think it's going to suck big-time.

Right now, I cannot recommend it, but if I do reinstall it and get different results, I'll let you know.


Feb 23, 2003
New Orleans LA.
something about having that thing hanging off my MB gives me the willes. The difference between the top rated heatsinks are fairly small, and i dont think that air cooling will get much more efficent with standard type heatsinks. but i cant say that ive ever seen those tower type heat sinks reviewed in a way that would make me want to use them. I really like my Thernalright so would stick with the brand :) Even if that monster did preform better my guess is that it would be by a very small amount.


Dec 4, 2002
Warning to dailup users...Large images attached

I have one sitting on top of my XP-M 2600 @ 2.6Ghz right now. In a word, excellent. I have been crunching SETI all night and all day today, its about 85F outside right now and my rigs at 38c case and 46-47c CPU. It never gets hotter than about 45c when gaming. If I put on my side panel with an intake fan (normaly I run a solid plexi side panel) the CPU runs at 43c while cruching SETI. The best part of this heatsink is that it stands so far off the board. I modded mine to put a very slow and quiet 80mm fan on right the side so it blows through the heatsink and almost directly in line with my rear case fan. Also I have very quiet and slow fans in my rig (20 cfm average), by far the loudest fan is on my video card. I know that with a slightly faster fan on the heatsink it would work a lot better (40c not problem, I tried it) but I decided since the rig is stable and I like the quiet, why bother. No worries about the mounting system, they give you a good solid backplate and gasket and I didnt notice any significant board flex at all.

The two things i didnt like are:

The factory placement of the fan(s) mounts. I can take two fans, but they are up and down which makes no sense, at least on my board its up and down. I pulled the shroud off and modded the fan with some copper wire. Its on securely and I think it looks better than the stock setup.

The other item that bothered me was one of my motherboard mounting holes was partialy covered by the backplate, forcing me to take a Dremel and cut a small piece off. Not a big deal but still...