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About to jump on a 380/380X... but which one?

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Feb 6, 2013
Gonna order a 380 today, a beast thought it is, my 6600K's iGPU has carried me as far as it can take me. But I'm unsure about which one to go for. Some videos show hardly any difference in fps in some titles, but I'm thinking that might have changed with latest drivers. Tempted to go with an X just for the future proofing. Ideally this card will carry me until HBM trickles down to mid tier cards, and hopefully play DOOM maxed out at 1080p, and mids 21:9 1440p on titles like Fallout 4 eventually.
...think I've just answered my own question haha.
But which model? Fanless while browsing online/light gaming is something I want to try this time; do all models have this these days or just Gigabyte and Asus? Does Sapphire have it? Which company provides the highest Mhz out of the box? Sapphire? XFX? I was leaning towards a Gigabyte but I'm completely open to going with something else. Is the Sapphire Nitro not out until the 22nd? All sellers on amazon seem to be getting it then...

Oh and I've asked this before; I'm on a 500watt Corsair PSU, am I ok with this GPU? Other components are a Z170 Asus board, a 500gb ssd (soon to add an m.2), 16gb of DDR4 and a 6600K. Will also want to add a HD60 capture card in the near future. Just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance.
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Budget? What's your current gaming resolution (you mentioned 1080P as well as 1440P)?
250 in euros would be my max. Currently and until at least Q4 this year, 16:9 1080p. Also, wanting to stick with AMD this build. Never bought from them before and what with nVidia's anti-competition anti-consumer shenanigans that's pretty much a lock.
nVidia rejected Mantle not the other way around afaik, not to mention AMD are releasing their latest codebase completely open source and AMD 'titles' never featured code nerfing nVidia performance, unlike the other way around. Trust me, been an nVidia user since HL2 came out, just can't justify it anymore...

Can't go with amazon.co.uk, pound is too strong I reckon. I'm just looking for the best brand of 380X to go with. Most fps/mhz, fanless under light load is what I'm looking for. If there are other brand specific features I should be considering too, cool.
I just don't think these proprietary technologies are enough to cause me to choose one camp over another (and I would consider Mantle to be proprietary in the sense that there was no way Nvidia was going to rewrite all of their drivers to use a new set of APIs - especially not one created my AMD). My decisions are purely price-to-performance (with power consumption factoring in a bit as well...). All that aside :) ...

The 380 will be fairly underpowered for 1080P (~30-40 FPS in recent and upcoming games) and woefully so at 1440P (30 FPS or less, even with settings dialed back).

A 380X would be a MUCH better alternative, getting you above the 60 FPS mark at 1080P and at least giving you a change at 1440P (though, I would upgrade my GPU to at least a 980 or 390X before upgrading my monitor - or do both at the same time). I think I would go for the Strix 380X if I were picking one, based solely on noise levels, though I admittedly haven't looked too closely at the entire lineup.

Sorry on the amazon.co.uk mixup :) Picked a random German parts site and at 250 euros, the 380X is certainly going to be your best retail option. It will be a much better option than the GTX 960; not even really a debate there. The more interesting discussion would be if your budget jumped to 325-350, where you'd have to decide between the 390 and 970. I usually come down on the decreased power consumption of the nvidia card in that debate, but the increased vram in the 390 is a valid counterpoint, especially at 1440P. And I can appreciate your point on nvidia introducing chip-specific tech. Open source is a much better way to go. :thup:
I think if you're part of an eco-system you should kinda make decisions that are good for all of it, and I vote with my wallet frequently when it comes to games too, that's my thinking on it.

I'm pretty much set on spending the extra to get an X; I'm just wondering which brand now...

I'd love to be able to jump to a 390 but right now its just not realistic for me. Hopefully the 380X gets me to HBM2 in mid-tier; let's say Elder Scrolls VI time ;)
nVidia are being meanies though, not to mention the whole vram thing; I would like to game on a 21:9 and a Vive on medium settings and would have more peace of mind with the proper 4GB; for short term future proofing.

I went with a Sapphire 380X Nitro just now. Scan.co.uk. First time using them. Cheaper than Amazon, but more expensive shipping, but Amazon seems to be back-ordered to hell, which is a good sign in my opinion. Should be with me by the weekend according to Scan. Didn't check if that card does the no spin thing, the high mhz output was too enticing.

Praying my 500watt PSU is up to the task. The XFX variant carries a suggested of 600watts by AMD and an 850 by XFX themselves. Card will be staying at out of the box speeds though.
I would look at a higher quality unit in the future, but you should max out under 500w.
I'm late to the party but I'm running a gigabyte 380 oc maxed with an amd cpu on a 550w psu with no issues so stock clocks and anot intel cpu should be fine on 500 as long as it's at least anot 80+ bronze or higher psu
That was a solid choice in the GPU, I think it's the best 380X out at the moment. Don't forget to overclock more still manually though :thup:
Doubt I'll be OCing, frankly I'm worried again; these benches have the powerdraw hitting 270 while gaming...

(about 65% of the way through the video).

EDIT: Never mind, its late and I'm an idiot, I see the 'system' power draw now :p
Card came finally, was a mother to install in a corsair 240 and the window panel won't even close with the power in (good job corsair). Bigger problem is, with it installed I'm not getting video from it or the motherboard anymore. I forgot to remove the plastic from the inputs before powering on but the card spins up fine, as does the rest of the rig. I had no amd drivers installed, I googled and saw recommendations to do this after. The fact that I've no video from the onboard which was working fine today is strange. Any ideas?