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Absolute Zero project is off the ground.::LOOK::. lots of pics

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Oct 9, 2005
This is my first atempt at water cooling. It was a long time comming, as I have wanted to build a sick gamming rig and just never set aside the time to do it.
So finaly here it is. I started by using a lian li v1000b case and modded olot more than I thought I would becaus I realy realy wanted everything to fit within the space of the case. I would consider mounting the rad outside the case only if I move to TEC cooling. I almost purchased a TEC setup but voted against it at the last min. I thought maybee getting a little experence under my belt could only help me.
So all sugestions are more than welcome, in fact encuraged. Setup is as follows:

CPU: opteron 148 (cabye) didnt get the other numbers before storm mount
MB: DFI Ultra-D w/ sli mod
GPU: 7800GT
Mem: Mushkin redline XP4000
PSU: OCZ powerstream 600w (OCZ Modstream 520 in pics)
Sound: audigy 2 ZS
HDD: 2X 36 GIG raptor Raid 0 (1 in pics)

W/C Setup
Pump: mcp 350 modded to 1/2" barbs
Fans: 2x panaflow 100 cfm in pull config
Tub: 1/2" ID McMasterklear W/ worm drive clamps (super happy W/ it 2)
CPU Block: storm
GPU Block Maze 4 (W/ OCZ Ramsink W/ Sekisui #5760 Thurmal tape :p )

Temps are a little under 31C and 34C on load untill I go to 1.6V on CPU then it goes up to 41c or so the best ive done with those kinds of volts are:

HTT: @ 318
CPU: @3.18 ghz (X10 obv.)
Mem: @265.5 (using 166 devider) W/ 2-2-2-5 timmings @3.7v
With this setup it passes 32m superPI, 3dmark 05, pcmark 05, but wont post into windows untill I lower it down. So totaly stable I am @:

HTT: @291.2
CPU: @ 3.203 GHZ on 1.61 v
MEM: @246.4 w/ 183 div. timmings 2-2-2-5-7 @3.5v using 4v jumpr :rolleyes:






I will post some screen shots when I g onto that computer I had all these pics on this computer so I will post to this thread again when I have time....
great job, i love the v1000b with the inside painted, and the wc setup is very well done. only thing that bothers me about is the radiator at an angle, maybe you can take out the front fan and holder?
i'm amazed you get any airflow through that rad, since the fans don't look to have any breathing room at all. thats some awesome hardware, though.
The night shot looks nice. You really crammed the rad in there. Would it be possible to mount it on the top of the case? You'd get better temps that way.
I think it may run a bit warmer than Absolute Zero = (-273C ) lol but it is still a nice bit of workmanship. good job
Ya absolute Zero was the temp I was shooting for although close not quite there ( yet )

As for there not being enough air flow in the bottom of the case: the whole botom of the case is made of perferated alluminium and I also drilled another ummm 100 or so more holes w/ 1/8" bit and on top of that I also cut 2X 3x4" square holes on eather end of the case directly under the rad, the only thing I was concerned about is the exhaust of the rear fan hitting the shelf directly above it but I am going to cut a hole in it directly above the fan then install a molded duct to push that air at my ram and 4v jumper so I will not need the 80 mm fan blowing on it anymore.

CRIMDOG- there is no fan in the front and I have the front of the rad sitting in the window that the fan once mounted to (it is a little narower where the barbs are) I dont think I can cut that section out because there are all the front header ports and power switch connected to it in such a way that I would either have to rivet through the front (eww) or allum. weld to it and If I tig weld it will realy mess the anadizing job so neither is an option. That is also why it is not turned around so the barbs are closer to the pump. that pump has amazing flow though so no wories, that thing After the mod makes the 650 look like a toy I not only modded the inlet but made my super high flow by modding the outlet as well........
I wonder do you think the rad being on a angle realy has any adverse effect on it? I wouldnt think but I am not a rad specialist, Just a guy with alot of mechanical ability, a ton of common sense and the spelling and grammer of a third grader, lol.
ohhh the fan controler is on its wayso I will be able slow things down a bit, right now we are on full blast (litle noise)

If I were to mount the rad on the outside I would move to the new 3 fan version of the old pa160 I forget the name of them and run 6 fans in push pull config. I was just trying to keep everything within the space of this case wich was not easy caus thisa case is not all that big..... I like a challege
noxqzs I did tape off and also removed all the hdd racks and extra crap inside but I did not want any overspry getting on the outside of the case so tapped it all off.

What is your 3dmark score? That is one sick setup your rockin there. Got any pics?
I am so close to getting a opty dual if I can find one for the right price.......
i wasn't talking about air getting to the rad, i was talking about air leaving the fans. where does it go? if i'm not mistaken, the plate right below the hard drives is solid, so both fans are just blowing into walls? i would think temps (and noise) would improve if that was somehow improved. one thing you might try is mounting the rad flat on the bottom (with all the holes) and letting the air exhaust out the front. just a thought.
nox that is a sick setup and that 3d score is insane that is what I strive for.
I just wanted to do a project that fit everything within a mid tower and performed good and allowed for good overclocks. So far I have acomplished all the goles I have set out for....

Nox you should def paint the inside of the case that would be super stylie in you setup. In my opinion I would run somthing sim. to mine, I used a good quality flat black and ran about 7 coats ( first was way thin to act as a adhesive for the fallowing coats, or you could primer). I also taped off the interior durring install of components so the job would not get f-ed (make sure the masking wont pull up the paint).

"Nice system. I also echo the concern over the rad airflow, but otherwise you have a nice setup."

The air flow from the top of the rear fan is now ducted threw a port that flows into the dims and 4v jumper, effectivly elimenating the need for a second fan on the ram moduals