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Access a DOS prompt over a network?

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Oct 2, 2001
San Jose, California
Hi again:

I'm still having problems with our network. I need to shut down a workstation that I can not physically touch. (its locked up in another room).

I can access the C drive through the network neiborhood and if I could figure out a way to "run this program from a dos prompt, my problems would be over.

So, how can I get to a dos prompt on the unaccessable machine through the network neiborhood.

Heres what I been told to run at that prompt:
'c:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows



Network is Win98se workstations and a NT4.0 server.
I think I got it but my commands failed?

I think I got it. I simply went through the Network Neiborhood to the BadWorkstation>C>command. This open up the dos prompt!!!!

But now my command to shut it down have failed!!!!
Here's what I tried:
C:\>Windows/rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows
C:\>windows/rundll.exe user.exeexitwindowsexec

these did not work!

Please, there must be a command to shut this workstation off or restart it, either would work

why do you need to shutdown the workstation.

Are you one of the administrators, and if so, why do you not have a key?
I'm at home so only have access to one workstation via pc anywhere

Thanks guys, Currently i'm at home and can only access one workstation via PC anywhere.

Its soooooo frustrating! I'm at the dos prompt of the troublesome workstation. I've tried typing every command I can imagin but can't shut it down.

I can't even get a C:\shutdown /? to work. Get the bad command message.

I can fix it in the morning but what a mess I'll have. you see our 28 employees will be trying to punch in but our time clocks are frozen because of this "bad Workstation", I'll have a huge mess mannually correcting our time clocks tomorrow if I can shut this thing down.

If I can kill the badworkstation, I can then manually reset our time clock via PCanywhere.

Anyother suggestion PLEASE??????????

Thanks Jae87

It worked but on the workstation that I was logged into over pcanywhere. Eventhough I had the command prompt open on the troublesome computer over networkneiborhood it still shut down my computer!

I've had others tell me that this is impossible unless I have pc anywhere hook to the troublesome computer thats locked away.