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Accurate CPU temp. monitor??

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New Member
Jul 30, 2001
I have o/c my PC for the first time (786mhz x 5,5 - 143:143:35) but Im not sure how warm the CPU actually is, since im getting a different reading depending on the program I use. In BIOS it says ca. 50 C. With ASUS Probe it says 42 - 50 C. With SiSoft Sandra 2001 it says only 30 C. I would like to hear what monitor you people out there can recommend.
I read somewhere what the the max. temp. for a PIII is 55 C. can anybody confirm that?
the temp of your CPU varies all the tie depending on what you are doing.
The more CPU intensive (move work its doing) the warmer it will get. That would be 3d games, playing DVIX's, and stuff like that.

Also the built in stuff isn't 100% accurate anyway. If you want to be 100% sure what your temps are you are going to have to buy a digital thermometer.

As for software to use.
Motherboard monitor is a favorite for people one this site
Motherboard Probe is another great program to use if you want a simpler layout.
Just wanted to add that SiSoft Sandra really just doesn't read the temps from the BIOS right.

You should also post in the cooling section...it'll get a better response there. :)
Motherboard Monitor says 53 C loading and 41 C idle on both theese settings:
733mhz - 133:133:33 (standard)
786mhz - 143:143:35
That must be wrong.