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AdDeD MoD tO wAtEr CoOliNg

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Apr 17, 2001
I`m in to hotrods one of the problems you get when trying to cool the beast down with todays hi flowing water pumps is to add a shogun tic toc, what this unit does would also be an added benefit to a water cooling system for your cpu. what it does is it toggles your water pump on and off (electric pump) that way the water goes in this case from your water block to the radiator the pump will than shut down for a programed amount of seconds where the water has time to kool in the radiator and exchange the heat the tic toc will than allow the water pump to fire back up to push the water from the exchanger or radiator back to the water block. This little baby decreases on average 30 degrees on a car engine running electric water pumps there`s no reason it wouldnt work here. Basically the water goes thru the radiator to fast it never has the chance to kool fully before reentering the block the tic toc is programmable cost is like 50.00 its made by shogun you can find it in jegs racing or possibly summit racing . just an idea i`ll be adding this to my kit im putting togeather.