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Adding a fan to the side of my case...where's the best place?

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New Member
Jul 9, 2001
Greetings, all. I have a question.

I'm just starting into O/Cing. I purchased an Abit KT7E and installed it with my Duron 700 and a standard HSF. I'm clocking at 770 right now with only a 3oC rise in temp.

After a few more component changes (i.e. replacing the memory stick), I'd like to push it higher, but I will need better cooling. My plans for the HSF include purchasing a CPC-30370, lapping it, and using Arctic II. If anyone wants to voice an opinionated objection, please feel free.

As for the case, currently it's only cooled by the PSU fan for exhaust, and a crudely installed 120mm case fan in the front panel. I'd like to install a system blower like this:


in a slot for exhaust, and a 92mm or 120mm fan in the side of my case (requiring a mod) for intake. Where, exactly, should this fan go? Directly above the CPU/HSF? Slightly off-center? Middle of the mobo?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
If you are set on putting one on the side then over the processor is a good place. A lot of people put the intake fan low on the front so it blows over the cards then the processor and out the power supply. This is part of the fun of modding. Stick it in and if you do not like it, stick another one in and another and another....
I have a 90 in the side lower front of my machine. It helped alot. Though I'm putting one on the side over the cpu and agp slot to help out. Remember if you dont have good exhaust you cant get good intake. The key seems to be getting as much air in and out of the machine as you can. I f you dont have any exhaust fans your wasting your time.
Very true on the Exhaust! I got a faster exhaust fan to replace the stock rear one on my Lian Li case and noticed an instant 2 degree improvement.

I just put an intake fan on my side panel as well. In my case I have a grab handle that was in the way from me putting the fan directly over the CPU, but I have it centered vertically over the CPU fan and covering about 3/4's of the fan surface, the other part is blowing air on the memory so it works rather well. That mod has earned me another 3-4 degree's consistently right there and I plan to put a faster fan in that spot since I am using the slower fan I pulled from the back. :)

They are well worth it, just spend some time planning your location and remeasure twice, I almost screwed mine up but caught it when I rechecked my measurements.

Good Luck!