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additional fan IN case to increase airflow?

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Jun 14, 2001
Athens - Greece
I have a full tower case (sorry, don't know more specs) and just two 80mm fans, one in front sucking in and the other in the back blowing out OVER the psu. now i was wondering if a fan between the upper and lower part of the case would improve airflow. there is space for 1 92mm fan and with some cuttings a 120mm fan would also fit. i can't post any pictures of my case because i don't have a digital camera :( i've made drawing of my idea but i can't get it ^$^@$%@ posted. can anybody help me here? how do i post an image?
Increasing air flow is key. The general rule is bring air in at the bottom and exhaust at the top. You can also blow air directly onto the cards from the side of the case.

You generally want a little positive pressure, this can help reduce hot spots by forcing all of the air in the case to move.

There are a few articles on the front page you should check out.

Hopefully this helps..
It probably will especially if you have a lot of cables in the way. I think you would be better off to put a second 80 blowing in and another 80 below the PSU blowing out. Of course, putting in a 92mm instead on an 80 in the front would be great if you feel like cutting your case up some.
all cables all rounded and they are out of airflow's way so i don't think that would be a problem. te only problem is that the case is kinda big and i don't know if the air gets from one end to the other with only 2 fans.
the air will flow. The only prob is you probably have too little airflow in the case and need some more fans. Another 80 in and another 80 out would be great to have.
anarki_gr (Jun 29, 2001 08:29 a.m.):
i've made drawing of my idea but i can't get it ^$^@$%@ posted. can anybody help me here? how do i post an image?

Its really easy... its just gotta be in .jpg or .gif format and thats pretty much the only requirement. You check the preview post and/or attach file box at the bottom of the screen. Next screen, hit browse and find the picture file your looking for, hit post and thats it. If your using windows, theres a little known program (or it was to me :) ) called microsoft photo editor that can save the file in one of the two formats above.