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Advantage of Corsair XMS PC3200?

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Dec 27, 2000
Pasadena, CA
I'm getting the Asus P4PE mobo and it supports ddr333.
I've noticed that the guys over at hothardware.com used pc3200 memory to test various boards.

I don't know much about this so please help.
Should I get PC2700 memory or PC3200?

I'm guessing the reason to get PC3200 is to overclock? Or are there other benefits of sticking a PC3200 in there?

I dont really plan on overclocking so will PC2700 suffice? :p

Please help out a noob!

EDIT: I'm told that Micro or Micron makes corsair memory. wtf?


Apr 26, 2001
welcome to the forums Calavera.

the advantage of using the PC3200 in your case is that you will get it running at a higher clock than if it was PC2700. this is higher memory bandwidth thus better performance.
if you really dont plan to overclock it, then there is actually no reason to get one of the more expensive XMS series. this is a top quality memory that is good only if you plan to overclock it, in comparison with any other PC3200 one.

the thing about the micron chips is that actually its not Corsair the manufacter of them. Micron make the chips and sell them to whoever wants to buy and use on the memory sticks.


Inactive Moderator
Jul 12, 2002
get the 3200C2

845 boards such as the P4PE you are contemplating have a 3:4 memory multiplier that allows the memory to be run faster than the 166/333MHz of the PC2700 spec. Since the bandwidth of the the FSB of the P4's is greater than that provided by single channel DDR at 333MHz this is important. Selecting the 3:4 multiplier will run the memory clock at 177/354MHz, possibly exceeding the capability of PC2700 ram. Purchasing the 200MHz rated PC3200 grade of corsair will allow you to utilize the 3:4 multipler at fsb of at least 150, and will result in a faster system. Dual channel DDR systems will match the FSB bandwidth with PC2700 timing, but single channel solutions benefit from running the ram as fast as the chips allow, and the PC3200C2 allows significantly more.


Jun 21, 2002
very simple answer.......get PC2700 as you don't really do overclock. It will be enough for you at stock speed with 3:4 ratio. If you don't even use 3:4 ratio, then even PC2100 will be enough. No need for PC3200 unless you do serious overclocking