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Advice about memory upgrade

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Apr 15, 2001
Chicago, IL
I'm currently running 512mb (2x256mb) of Mushkin Special Promo Build PC3200 (BH5 2-2-2) on an Abit NF7-S, (Mobile 2500+, at 200x11.5/1.6v) for my LAN gaming rig, using Win2K Professional; The load times and swapfile being hit during gaming has become a bit too much for me to take lately, so I'll be looking to go to 1GB (at the very least) sometime soon.

As BH-5/6 is very difficult to find anyplace that isn't at an extreme price premium, what might be some other options for me to consider?

I may look back at Intel somewhere down the road, or at A64 once it matures a little more...My main question is if, say I picked up some OCZ 35/3700EB DDR now, would I be able to tighten the timings down for my current rig to pc3200 and perhaps higher (as hardware will allow) and use it later for future CPU/Mobo upgrades later?

Or instead, would I be better getting something Intel, and getting ahold of some Adata PC4000+ instead?

I know Mushkin has generally been regarded as best, I'm feeling that what's out there is a touch too rich for my blood is all...Which is why I've been looking at OCZ.


Thanks in advance.


May 23, 2004
Ya i'm in almost the exact same case. I think I'm going with the OCZ PC3700EB from newegg. I hope they're still the same great overclocking chips though, but I'm not sure.