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Advice for my Over Heating Prob

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Jul 21, 2001
OC California
ok, ill try to get short and down to the point. i run a amd 1.2ghz in a full tower case. i have 3 fans blowing air out, and 2 blowing air in. i have a delta 6800rpm fan with a GW heatsink and a copper shim on my cpu. my mobo has temp under the cpu, and it runs 123F w/ the case panels on and 118F w/ the panels off, and thats just downloading. temp getts higher running unral tournament and my pc crashes over 127F. i was thinking about getting a 85watt peltier kit from waterchill.com, and the GW cak-38 HS to replace the GW alum. HS i have. Do you think that would drop the temp? would i need a bigger Psu ( i wanna get a 430, but i might get the E530 psu)? i need advice please. i run round ide cables also. so i dont really know why its so hot. all the other devices run pretty cool. thanks in advance.
You need to equal input with output, so add another intake fan. Did you use Arctic Silver II? If not, buy some and you will see a difference. Remember to only add a paper thin amount to the CPU or chipset core and not all over the base of the heatsink. Your temps should not be as high as you are reporting, so I would recommend you lap the base of your heatsink with sandpaper with decreasing grit. Or just get an SK6, Glaciator, or Swiftech MC-462A. You won't have to lap those heatsinks because they are of such high quality.

Good luck : )
well what about trying the globalwin CAK-38 copper Hsink, and arctic sliver2? cuz my mobo doesnt have room for many Hsinks, cuz there are like diaods and whatknot around the cpu socket. im thinking about adding a top case fan, like 120mm to blow air out.. and a side fan to blow air onto the pci/agp slot/cards. im kinda amazed why this thing gets so hot, but crashes so easy at 127+F.