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Advice Needed

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
I have the 1.2 266fsb processor and the ABIT KT7A
mother board,texes inst ram pc 133,{256 In at the moment}
Matrox G400 dual head 32 meg vid card
Sound blaster 128
Realtek 8029 nic card
Western 30 gig 7200 dma 100 H/D

I am set up at 10.5 and 133fsb =1.4
Any time I lower the multiplyer and up the fsb I get really unstable.Would pc150 ram make a difference.
I am guessing the better ram would help I have booted to 1466 and had awsom sandra scores 4014 and 2012,But ran prime 95 got blue screen of death.
My temps are 43 fully loaded and 29c idle.Any tips would be awsom !
Those temps are ok, you might try to get them down a little more first though. Better RAM might do the trick but you may be close to the limit there.