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Advice Needed??

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Apr 2, 2003
Is this kit any good?? Im a real nOOb to water cooling, but want to buy a starter kit to have a play around with and then may be upgrade in the future?

Any advice welcomed!



P.S In in the UK :(
well zed, it might be a little hard to set this up if you've never don't watercooling before. U have to keep in mind that condensation will form on your tubing and waterblock so you'll need to put foam on that stuff. besides that, you cpu will get colder (unless u have 400watts of heat being created :-/) So you'll need to put foam under your cpu and under the motherboard and insulating grease between the pins of the cpu.
Basicly, not only is it time consuming, its also somewhat dangerous if not installed right and could screw up your system. I would total not recommened it to someone thats new to water/extreme cooling, but thats up to you

Dood that Waterchill Kit is not using a peltier :rolleyes:
Why are you recommending foam? :rolleyes:


That kit for me looks very promising, since its made from the same ppl that makes Vapochill. Beside that the only real drawback is the radiator as mentioned in the Review.
I would buy the kit and use a heatercore alongside that RAD.
In this way your cooling performance should improve a lot

Go on and buy it if you dont want to spend time building your own watercooling system.

Here is a list i found over the years looking for uk pc/watercooling suppliers.

For watercooling stuff


For Fans,Hardware and other misc. items


I hope these sites help you in your choice :D
OOOOoo doh!
sorry, when i saw water chiller that was the first thing that keep up in my mind.
Damnit, I posted a long, drawn out explanation. It was the height of my newbness, and the damn page errored out and my post in all its glory was lost. But yeah, what he said. Being Asetek, I imagine this kit is extremely simple to set up and probably works quite well. Not as well as TOTL watercooling setup that you could buy, but pretty well.

Hey thanks guys, thanks for all the links they are very usefull!
A few mixed views on the hit that I mentioned at the begining!

How easy are these things to upgrade different parts on them?
And how does the block fot to your CPU? (Hope it aint has hard as a SLK-800:bang head)
Nice review, I think I may purcahse from this months pay packet!

Is it possible to buy this kit and then uprgarde the radiator or the motor or anything like that??
Im thinking about getting the same kit. I think ill wait for more reviews of it though. By the way, is that "THE" Zed Bias... The uk garage man? I did some garage ages ago under the name Reservoir Dogs.
Yea it is to do with the garage DJs name, as you can see from my avatar, im in to DJing and my friend is a garage DJ and he called me ZedBias one day and its kinda stuck? :)