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advice on ocing s1

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New Member
Apr 22, 2001
I am new to this overclocking lark, but as some of my mates are getting 1GHz's and more, my 800 is feeling a bit sluggish.
I am considering a Golden Orb Slot 1, but I am unsure how much I could overclock, and if there is anything better, (but not too loud) that will fit in my case, and on my board.
I know my BE6-II is great for overclocking, and I would like to make 1GHz - what should I buy?
Dont get an Orb, they cant handle the faster chips 1 gig and over. There are better HSF's out there now for the faster chips. Globalwin, and Alpha are just 2.
But Globalwins are sooooo loud, is it necessary to have a delta fan doing 7000rpm to keep it cool at 1GHz? I know they are good fans and produce a torrant of air, but the noise!
Ther're not that bad once you put the covers back on your case. You ought to hear one of the 120's I got goin in my system right now, puts a 7000 rpm delta to shame.
Friend of mine has a cheap case with his, but when we have a LAN game, with 5 machines in one room, his machine (with the Globalwin) is the only thing we can hear, it mad.
Is there anything inbetween the GW and the GORB.

Thanks for the suggestion TT120, maybe once I put the cover back on my case it wont be too bad, it is quite a chunky case afterall.
I agree with TT120. I have a Golden Orb and I hate it. Performs just like the retail heatsink if you ask me. Waste of my resources.
Cheers guys,

I had a look in my case last night, and I have just over an inch of extra space, before the hsf hit the first DIMM module.
I think I will take your advice and forget the orb, go for something more serious!

I also have room in my case for a 12cm fan right at the top, blowing down onto the cpu, because my psu is mounted sideways. With the top vents, and a globalwin or similar, this should provide some serious cooling.