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Advice on upgrading

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Pizza Face

Dec 22, 2001
ok well i didnt know where to exactly post this, but, i plan on upgrading so, i need advice, as of right now im lookin at a P4 2.4 533mhz. thats the easy part, but ive never really been to good at matching a mobo to cpu. and as of this moment im looking at asus and/or abit. now im not wanting the most ******* expensive board there is, i just want one that will oc nicely, and not suck my wallet dry. i dont need all the intregrated crap either.

so basically what mobo (between asus and abit) and ddr would be a good choice for the cpu im choosing? (with oc'ing in mind)

ok on the site im looking at its a P4 2.4B 533mhz FSB PGA478
these are 2 boards im looking at:

good? bad? oh yeah, and i got a stick of pc2100 512mb DDR

well any suggestions/feedback is appreciated. thx


Apr 21, 2001
Narf City, USA
For price/performance, go with Abit... nowadays, you can even get raid and onboard LAN/Sound if you want to squeeze a few more pennies...

With that being said, Asus makes really good stuff, but I doubt it's worth 30% more than an Abit board...

I primarily use Epox boards now, love the overclocking features... and they're still less than most Asus boards...