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Aerodynamics question relating to fan design....and SDRAM cooling products plus a little of GeForce

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Jul 16, 2001
Aerodynamics question relating to fan design....and SDRAM cooling products plus a little of GeForce

So the KK-266 1.2 ->1.35 (150Mhz) Glaciator and Air cooled T-Bird system is up and flying. In Sisoft Sandra I smoke a 1.33 and because of the CAS 2 Corsair @150 my Mem benches are WAY high. I have the total s**t eatin grin.


... as I am one of the sick n twisted... one of the perverse that can just never finish tweaking...

What does everyone think of the SDRAM cooling kits?
I have a blue ano Alum kit from Thermaltake I just grabbed @ Fry's while getting the girl another game. I planned on splittin one of the HSF it came with for the GEForce2 Mem to see if I can go over 210 on the timings on the Hercules II Prophet card... but thought I might just slap one on the Corsair as well? Anyone with some temp readings or experince with those?)

Next question relates to fans. In my new moded case design I didn't run any parellel fans on the intakes (other than a HD cooler) but was interested in the effects of fans inline. One fan sitting on top of another. I realize this isn't as effcient but do you increase the airflow at all? Anyone got 2 80MM and a way to test airflow? I would love to see the results of that.

Anyways anyone with some knowledge on the SDRAM cooling kits or inline fan info would be appreciated.

Tailwinds.... err probably no pilots here so...


I never had any success with RAMsinks on my GF2MX and have not read of any previously. I think you should just save up and buy better RAM if you really need it. You can saw-up old pentium or 486 heatsinks to make RAMsinks of your own.

As for fans, yes, inlining a couple of fans will yield more airflow (you can feel it with your hands -I have played with this) but it's only nominal so it's better to just buy (or make) a centrifugal fan if you need to 'push' through a casing's messy interior. But you can use the concept of inlining fans to provide more static pressure (ie. 'pushing power') by using one fan as an intake for you case and another as an exhaust. The flowrate may be just that of a single fan but it can actually supply more air than two axial fans in parallel if there are many constrictions and obstacles to flow. But for me, I have my PSU fan blowing in parallel with my 80cfm centrifugal drive-bay twin fans.
SDRAM doesn't need a RAM sink at all. on DDR memory it can help you get to some insane bus speeds like what Wild_Andy is doing.