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Afterburner reporting temp and power limit but temps are ok ?

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New Member
Aug 26, 2020
hey all, so I noticed last night that the graph on afterburner had reported I had hit temp and power limit indicated with a 1 in two or so notches and freaked me out ! Thing is I was watching the whole time and I never went over 62c , max temp on gpu-z also confirms this. maybe a false reading ? I know 60c is were boost 4.0 will start to first down clock maybe that's why? seems unlikely though. I have noticed when messing with the voltage/ frequency curve if I increase of MHz at a certain voltage and hit apply gpu-z will have a quick power and thermal notch (red and green) moving alone it. but I always assumed this was just saying the limiter by boost 4.0 as in saying " I'm not going to continue to boost becuse this will happen, or it was just a effect of changing on the fly. Either way I pay very close attention to temps while gaming an I have never seen it go over 70c with stock fan curve or 62 with my aggressive one. Hitting power limits is a normal thing though maybe its cause there linked ? idk. wondering how worried I should be if its just a quick thing ? or maybe its the VRM or memory that's not reported ? hope not, anyway any help or info would be greatly appreciated.