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Agilent Artic Cooler.....Opinions??

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New Member
Feb 16, 2001
Looking to build my first Athlon setup. have decided on everything ecept the cooler. Noise IS a factor for me. The Artic has gotten the best reviews other than the Super Noisy GW 038, Monster II, etc type coolers. Anybody have an opinion on this relatively new cooler? I read that there are some issues of compatibilty with socket A boards in general and the ABIT KT7 in particular. Since that is the board I plan on using, anyone out there using it on that board. How close to the capacitors is it?

I havn't heard anything about it, However, the new Thermaltake Volcano II is supposed to be a good, quiet, inexpensive HSF. I think it was $12 or $13 ollars at CoolerChips I am also curious, anyone have a Volcano II yet? How does it work? I am always interested in inexpensive HSF'S that work ok. I build systems on the side for friends and family.