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AGP bus difference between perfect and not booting up windows?

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May 3, 2001
Right now, I'm running the system below, except with my FSB at 92 MHz (~876 MHz). My AGP is sitting on a 1/1 divider still. I'm Prime95ing in the background as well as MPEG4 encoding a bunch of stuff. Nice and stable, temps are hitting 37 at load (case temps at 34-35).

Before this, I tried to do the exact same thing, except with the AGP divider at 2/3, figuring now's a good time to bring the AGP bus down closer to spec, to give me ~62 MHz AGP bus. I've done this before on some of my older Mendocino Celerons and never had problems. Now, I'm getting Registry errors on the bootup ("Computer must be restarted...") and even safe mode is unstable.

This is the first time I've heard of, much less seen, an underclocked AGP bus giving problems like this. Right now, I'm stable, and I've heard reports of Marvel G400s working fine in BX systems well above 140 FSB, but still, can anyone else shed some light on this?
Not sure if this helps or not but I'm also running a BX board....had my agp divider set at 1/1 at 92Mhz FSB for 5 or 6 months with no problems/errors. System was unstable running at higher bus speed at that time.

I have recently wired my chip allowing higher voltage got my FSB to 100 and had to set AGP back to 2/3 to maintain stability. Have had no problems---BTW i have a 32Mb TNT2 Diamond Viper v770