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AGP bus overclocking question

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Jul 5, 2001
Let's say you take a normal system, and overclock a GeForce (GeForce II MX to be specific) to a certain speed (210/210). If you then up the FSB of the system (which in turn ups the AGP bus speed) does the card still run at 210/210, or does it get a speed increase proportional to the bus speed increase?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated,

PS: With all the threads asking for video card OC results, should overclockers.com have a GPU database (or perhaps GPU database and video RAM database)?
The cards memory would still run at 210.
It would be able to transfer information to the cpu at a frequency 66mhz at agp rate x1. If you up the agp bus you will get a slight performance increase but it will not be changing the memory timing on the card only the speed it can transfer info to the cpu/memory thru the agp bus.