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AGP problems???

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Jul 18, 2001

I bought a new celeron800 the other day when my C600@1008 kicked the bucket (cBo), the reason i got an 800 was that the slowest Celeron you can get (easily) over here is a 733 (which is a heap of crap...) and is more expensive than a C800......sooo my question is...

I'm running anm old crappy Voodoo Banshee (u ppl still remeber what they are??) and because i've always played around overclocking the 66fsb celerons I've never had to worry about agp overclocking problems...however my new C800 is a different story. It boots Win me @ 1066 (133fsb) and loads great, but then hangs after a while at defult voltage 1.7, but at 1.8v it seems to run fine in seti and prime 95 ect but the test i've always uesed to see if a cpu is stable at a given speed to run UT (Unreal Tournament) for 6 or so hours and if it doesn't crash then I consider it stable. The problem is it doesn't run stable no matter what voltage I give it (1.9-1.95) in fact it still locks up in the first few seconds of the flyby intro....is this due to the OC agp just not hacking it??

In other words how does someone tell if there vid card can't run at 89mHz?? (changed it from 83 to 89, sorry...)

Thanks (and sorry for the wordy explination...)

I dont understand what agp divider your board has.
Most are 2/3 or 1/2.
If its 2/3 at 133fsb that would equal a agp bus of 88.6
If somehow your agp bus is running at 83mhz then I would say no not the video card unless you have sideband enabled.
If its 88.6mhz then it very well could be the video card I have a Geforce 256 that will lock up at anything higher than 89mhz agp.
If you can choose agp x1 instead of x2 that might allow you to run it at a bit higher of a agp bus speed.
Yeah sorry thats ment to read 89...
its a 2/3 diveder......and also its running at 1* as it is.....

What i want to know is how can u tell if it is the chip or the vid card??

What tell tale signs are there?? (if any?)