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AGP Slot & GeFORCE 3 Card

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Feb 28, 2002
OK, Heres the deal,

My buddy just got a Soyo p4I Fire Dragon MOBO, and an ATI 8500 Video Card, system won't boot up right... Soyo told us that the ATI 8500 is a 3.5volt card and needs to use a 1.5 volt video card.

I just ordered the ASUS p4t-E, and am using a GeFORCE 3 DDR Video card, the ASUS sight says PRO/AGP slot (1.5Volt Only) and I can't find Volt specs for mt GeFORCE.

Could someone please help me out and let me know what the hell is going on, and if either of these cards will work right with either of these boards....

Thanks for the help.
well have you tryed calling asus? if you bought a retail board then u should get free tech support. and card voltage shouldnt matter. ive seen boards use either cards.
An AGP slot almost always defaults at 1.5v. Sounds like you may have a bad AGP slot. I don't see why the 8500 runs at 3.5v. I don't think it does personally. Just give Asus a call and see whats up.
Unless I am sorely mistaken, all GeForce3's run at 1.5v.