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Ah Jeez! I broke it! *#!@>#!

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Apr 5, 2001
So there I was happy as a pig in - ah, well, I was happy - snuggin' up (I know, famous last words) the hold down on the new water jacket when suddenly, the nice snug hold down was not snug anymore! Then I knew - I broke the tab, not off - but broken just the same. It's just flappin' like . . . like . . . oh, I don't know - it's just flappin'.

So my question is, is there anything, short of replacing the mobo, that can be done to salvage this situation? I know "they" are doing fabulous things with Super Glue, and the like, these days . . . I'm a fair to middlin' jack-leg carpenter . . . I've even got power tools! A man can fix anything with the right power tools, right?

Anyway, if you can either provide words of hope and encouragement or totally dash all thoughts of salvaging anything other than parts and components, I'd appreciate your feedback. This state of anxiety is killing me.
Use the 4 holes in the mother board to make a hold down clip.
I woldn't trust super glue with cpu cooling. If it came off while operating you would prob fry your cpu befor you could shut down. I'd do something with the four mounting holes in the motherboard.