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Ahhhh!!!! Added multiplier change support to my A7M266.

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Apr 20, 2001
Sacramento, CA
Geeze, what a PITA. To be honest soldering the components on was the easy part, it was removing the SMD resistors that was a real pain. You have to get your soldering iron VERY hot, as the solder that Asus used is some pretty potent stuff. Once they were removed I added a little of my own solder to the pads and then soldered the two SMD resistors to the board. It's not all that difficult, just put a little solder on the tip and go one by one. My biggest issue was once I completed everything, I could not enable multiplers like 10 and 11, etc. The #1 pin on the DIP block was not making good contact with the solder ring. I removed the solder and resodered it 5 times with no luck. I added flux, I was pretty ticked off. Finally I took a small needle, and when the solder was hot I jabbed it down in the hole with the pin from the dip block. After I did this a few time I could then probe the board with a DVOM and get continuity to the IC at location D17. I've soldered a lot of stuff but never had a hole that refused to let the solder flow like that one! :)

Anyways, all done and it works like a champ. I ordered the parts from Digikey and got them a few days later. This motherboard is great now.