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Ahhhhh completed!

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case pic.jpg

I am so freaking happy. I finished. I still have a little bit to do though. Some of the plastic is still getting in the way, so I need to shave a bit more off on the left side. And the bolts are not there on the left side yet, because I didnt plan very well, and I realized that there is something in the case that blocks them....same reason I need to shave more plastic off. I chopped off the threads of the bolts, and i'm going to glue the bolt heads on soon.

Soon to come: green cold cathode. I feel this will be the proper color to show off the AMD etching...w00t.

All done by hand, mind you. Extremely satisfied with it.
oh yea, sorry for the crappy pic. All I have is a $20 webcam...wish i had a digital camera....maybe if I can find a good cheap one i'll get it.

Oh yea, and just a point, the AMD etching looks MUCH nice than that picture shows.....observe....

amd etching.jpg

I guess that's not much better, heh...

So yea, again, sorry about the crappy pics. I guess you get what you pay for, heh. Im gonna see if I can get a cold cathode here before the end of the week.
Yea, I got a question about them. I'm going to order from xoxide.com. The first one is $20, and if I order a second one at the same time, it is $12......I had planned on getting a single green cathode, but would it be worth it to get a second cathode?

If I put one at the bottom of my case, would it be bright enough to light the whole thing?

I would go with the ones from SVC compucycle, they are cheaper and come with dual inverters. so you only have to by the bulb for one of the lights, and just have to plug it in to the first.
wait a minute.. what are you using to etch? is there a special etching bit for your dremel or did you use the engraving doohicky...? because with my engraving bit you take a bunch of plastic off.. help?
yea, I used the engraving bit. It worked just fine....since I had a lot of surface area, it took a looooong time, but oh well. And taking off plastic is what you want to do. Don't dig into the plastic. All you really want to do is shave a bit off the surface. Let the dremel do the work. Just go over it lightly. If you want it to catch more light, then you can go deeper. But you dont want a huge gaping hole or anything, you just want to rough up the surface.

One of the stickys in this section is the "Dremel Guide"....look at that and click on the "Window Etching" link. I used exactly what was perscribed, except I used the dremel alone, without the flexshaft. I'm scared of that thing. The manual says dont bend it too much or it'll break or melt or something, and everytime I use it I'm afraid to bend the damn thing.....that, and the shaft REALLY gets in the way....so I just use the dremel straight up.

A tip about etching:
I find it helps if you have a light source nearby such as a hand-held shop light or something. Once you get going on a large area, it's difficult to tell the little tiny spots that you missed, so its good to have a light around. The missed spots will reflect the light and stand out like a sore thumb against the dull areas around it....but you need a bright, nearby light source to do this. The reason you want a hand-held light is so you can move it around. You need to position the light at different angles to get every spot.
get a template made & take it to a glass shop, or if u have a sandblaster @ home then go for it. 1 word of caution, practice first! make sure to use silica sand cause it has less impurities. i have a few etchings for my stereo install in my acura. looks friging awesome w/ neon behind it. just my 2 cents tho.