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AI7 Vdimm mod and PSU mod

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Jul 24, 2003
Nashville, TN
I take no credit for these mods as I found them on xtremesystems. A special thanks to batboy for hosting the images.

AI7 Vdimm mod. The mod calls for a 10 Ohm variable resistor soldered on the NB side of resistor R153. The other wire should be attached to ground. I used the ground on my 3 pin fan connector. I would use a 15 watt soldering iron. Myself I didn't have a 10 ohm vr so I used a 100 ohm vr and set it to 10ohms. Under 10 ohms will and has on my system cause it not to power up. The Vdimm is suppose to follow the 3.3v rail by -.04v. I got -.08. If you want higher vdimm then you need to do a 3.3 rail mod for you PSU.


If you have an Antec Psu then to mod the 3.3v line you cut the sense line for 3.3v. On the ATX connector there should be one connection that has two yellow wires. The smaller wire is the sense line. Cut that and then solder a 68 ohm resistor between the cut ends. At the side of the resistor that is closest to the PSU solder a 10k ohm vr the other lead of the vr goes to ground. If you have a PSU that has a brown 3.3v sense wire then my understanding is that all you have to do is place a 20k vr between the cut sense wire.


All of this has worked great for me.

Edit: I first did these mods using a single turn vr. The multi-turn vr are much better.