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AIO Fluid change

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New Member
Mar 8, 2017
Hello hoall Havent been here since 2006 its good to be back . Just a quick question How often do I need to change the fluid in my 360 mm and a reso AIO cooler ,I have never had an AIO and the manufacturer basically have no information for me ,I have a 9590 so it gets hot real hot and yeah ,I know every one hates this processor , but how many of you have a cpu at 5.2 ghz and its not as weak as everyone thinks and yes its good for gaming ,Anyway I appreciate the help I have no idea about AIO's in the long term.
If it's an AIO and sealed from the manufacturer, you don't.
an all in one you just throw it out and get a new one, if you've had it long enough that you can't rma it, yea, ghetto it, we love a good hack!!!!
Set it and forget it is the motto for AIO coolers. It's maintenance free. As already stated, if it goes bad, grab another one.
As stated toss it and get a new one. If you are looking for one that is much more customizable but also comes as an AIO. I would look into the swiftech H lines h220x/h240x/h320x etc.

They have all the benefits of your average AIO system, but they are expandable and refillable. You can take one and if later you decide to add a gpu to your loop just pick up the block and tubing to cool it.
Im going to be unloading my swiftech 320X2 as soon as my custom loop gets here. but have had no issues with it in the short time i have had it. nice units!
Don't ignore the EKWB kits. They are revamping their AIO offerings, and should be announced, soon.