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Air cooling a TEC

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Feb 19, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
I have acquired a 75W TEC and am curious about using it with a really good HSF. I realize a water rig would be better but I really don't want to go there. I will be cooling an OCd PIII. Just wondering will I get any results better that a HSF alone or what. I really am not looking at super cooling just dropping another 7 to 10 C. Any input????????
Alpha's are excellent for air cooling pelts that are'nt to big (85w's or lower in my opinion). I used to have a 50w pelt aircooled. It kept my temps idling around the middle to low 20's celcius. That 72w should do you very good for a PIII with a big enough HSF.
how about the powering the pel?? just using 300W AT PSU, would it be enough??
youd better think at least a PEP66 for a 72w. the K-6's put out a lot of heat , and the pelt just magnifies that..IIMHO the bigger the brick you can get the better !!
I believe a 300w PSU is enough to power that peltier along with the rest of the system. I did it with a 250w for a long time. (thats pushing it but it ran fine)

And surlyjoe, He is using it to cool a PIII not a K-6. But yes still He will need a very good size heatsink and fan to cool the peltier!