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Air flow in my case?

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Jan 9, 2002
bay area
On my case Antec sx1030 I have 2 exhaust fans in the back and 2 intake fans in the front all where Antec put the mounts.
The problem comes in where My HSF is blowing towards the HS. My question is, Is the exhaust fans pulling too much of the air that is meant for the HS. My temps are not that bad (35c idle-41c full load)Colder is always better! if theres any information please post!
I think you have some deadspots in your case since the exhaust fans in the back are taking air and the HSF is blowing toward the cpu, try to put the intake in the back and the exhaust in the front it might help you to get better temps.
Air Flow

I'm experiencing a similar kind of phenomenon. Playing around I wanted to see what taking 3 of my fans offline would do so I cut my two front intakes and one of my rear exhaust. The weird thing is that even though the case temp jumped 6-8F the CPU temp stayed within 1F at idle and at load of what it did when all fans are running.

I also tried turning all exhausts off and running just the intake. Seems that it is more necessary to have the hot air going out than fresh air coming in. And if you can have both, that's even better.

I'm still not sure why this is occuring, but I hope it helps.
I thought that if I did switch the exhaust to the front and the intake to the back it might imrove but...
The one issue I might have is that the intake fans in the front are located lower then the mounts in the front... air rises... I dont know if that makes a difference or not
General Rule

I think the general rule is to have your exhaust higher than your intake. That way the air traverses the case in a diagonal fashion, exiting at a higher point than which it comes in. Have you thought about installing an exhaust on top of your case?
Well i switched the fan direction but it didnt seem to do anything at all. I would install a top exhaust fan but Im not too fond of the look, not ranking on anyone else...

Your temps aren't bad at all. The HSF I've got (see sig) works very well. My idle temps stay at 95F and at load they are at around 98F.

At idle with all my case fans going my case temps are 1F-2F above room temp and the CPU temp is about 17F above case temp. I've been thinking (see post above) that my CPU temps are not rising with case temps 'cause it just takes a lot for that big 'ole hunk of metal to change temps. The temp sensor is right next to the HSF, so the reading should be pretty close to the air that's being directed onto the HS.
You could try putting an air-duct or something to "point" the air coming from the bottom upwards towards where the HSF and exhaust fans are.

You don't need to buy anything, simply use duct tape and a piece of cardboard (first, before buying) to test. If it has a good effect, then you can buy something (2coolpc or something?)

PSU <---+ |
OUT <---+HSF + |
OUT <---+ | |
| | < - case front
| |
| |
MoBo \ <---- IN
| \ \ <--- IN
| \ <--- duct
__________|__\_______ < - case bottom

Sorry that didn't work. I hope you get what I meant.

Basically put a wing at the bottom of the case to "direct" the cooler air upwards.