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Air in the lines...

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
Why, no matter how well I bleed the system, do I get air in the lines? I will bleed my water system for days and within about 2 days, I will get air after I hook it up inline. Is there a reason? Is there not enough pressure in the lines to keep the water at liquid form? WTF??
you have a hole allowing air into the system somewhere along the line.
I get the same problem. I'm gonna tear mine all apart and reset everything and see if that helps. My temps seem a lot higher then they should in my opinion. I think air in the lines may be whats causing it.
Air generally comes from the suction side of the system. If it is leaking from the pump to the waterblock (or the pressure side) the leak would result in a water leak. To induce air into the system it generally is on the suction side (or the return side from the waterblock to the pump), on the suction side you would get air into the line without losing any water. As a rule of thumb (absent not knowing where you highest point of resistance is) the system goes from pressure to suction at approximately the halfway point in the system. Hopes this helps.
For some reason having a TON of air in the lines (well like a third air) dosnt effect my temps atall i max out at 33c.