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Aircooled Deltas?

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May 21, 2001
hey guys I'm new to the socket A world, and have fairly accurate temps for once, instead of crapola thermsistor on board

was curious how 'good' deltas are supposed to be:

between, Cpu and case, and case and ambient...

these aight?

case cooling is 2 80's intake (stronger of 4,) and 2 budget 80's sucking out the back plus dual fan psu, and don't say reverse flow cuz that doesn't work in this situation...
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What kind of loaded temps do you show with MBM on the proc? What kind of hsf are you using?

The delta 80X38mm focused flow fans are real good fans and have a higher air pressure compared to a normal 80 mm fan. However, the 68 cfm fan is pretty loud and the 80 cfm fan is real loud. They also make a focused flow fan that is around the 45 cfm range that is supposed to be fairly quiet, but I've never seen or heard 1 in person.
I'm folding right now at 37*C.. had to raise voltages a little for stability....

but when I meant "DELTA" I didn't mean it in the fan, I meant Delta, as the "difference between" i.e cpu is 8*C hotter than case, and case is 5*C hotter than ambient...

hsf is CoolerMaster HHC-001 Heat Pipe and Arctic Silver II which is still fresh and hasn't set in yet
delta T

idle delta T is 9 C, loaded is 15 C - between ambient air and cpu. I think your temps and deltas in this range are pretty close to the limit of air cooling.
Lets do some math:
According to NewWatt.exe, an 1800XP runnin 1727 Mhz and you say a little higher vcore, so lets say 1.85V equals 83 Watts
If your case temp is still 25C and your HHC-001 is using case air to cool with, then (37C-25C)/83W= .14c/w
That sounds a little low for the HHC-001