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AK31 or AK35GTR??? help me decide please

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Jun 12, 2001
I am about to get one of these boards. I really don't need the raid so I guess Ishould get the AK31 but the reviews on the AK35 have been good so I thought about that one too.
If I get the AK31 I will need to buy another sound card because I have sold my old one thinking Iwas getting the AK35 for sure.

Should I buy the cheaper AK31 ans use the money difference to get a good sound card or.....

Is the on board sound good enough to use temporarily and have the raid option for future use....

I think I should get the AK35 but I don't know if there are any problems with the sound on this thing

so, I guess the deciding factor is the sound. To get with the 5.1 sound or without and get a new card.

thanks all,
new eeg.com

It doesn't matter now. Just orderd a AK31 from NewEgg refurb for $57 and free shipping.

hope it works.

anything I need to know??
The on board sound (AC-97) is not to shabby..it sounds decent...the AK31 is a GREAT board...if you have no need for the RAID that the AK35gtr offers, I see no reason to pay the extra money (unless you are going to use it in the near future)

as far as sound cards go..there is only one option...the AUDIGY!
lol..(i know im gonna get slammed for that one)..but honestly, the audigy is the BEST commercial sound card available for pc's..or so says Gamer Magazine and quite a few other reviews...I love the audigy...and having a good-great set of speakers really lets you hear the amazing sound from this card...

I used the AC97 in my old AK31, but almost any souncard is better. Now I have a Santa Cruz... a slightly less expensive sound solution than the Audigy or Game Theatre Xp. I'm very pleased with the quality of this card's sound... better than SB Live 5.1
You already ordered so which board is irrelevant. Many Shuttle owners have the AK31 rev3 and have chosen not to upgrade to the ak35. Ask yourself why then head on over the Shuttle forum and do some reading on your new board. For the money is an excellent selection.
Since I'm on my 3rd AK31, and I have a raid card, and I wrote the book on Shuttle VoltMods, as well as having a SoundBlaster 5-1 XGamer. I have no reason for the AK35.

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome mobo.

I just am putting along at 1804MHZ from a 1.4TBird, and am happy-happy :)

If you need it, get it! If you don't................

Don't! :D

Actually.... I changed my mind and got the AK35GTR anyway...after I ordered the AK31A...

So now it (AK31A) is for sale whne I get it, it's gone.

i curenly have an ak31 rev 3.1 and i love it ive pretty much reached its limit and have ben thinking about goin the the ak 35 simply due to the higher fsb possibilitys for my new cooling system. also whats the breaking point of an athlon as far as core voltage goes?
Welcome to the Forums. do some reading and asking around before you give up the 31 for the 35. Ask yourself what the 35 will give you. Yes it does allow a higher fsb but does not offer more voltage to do it...and the divisors. I geuss the real question is ar you using all of the fsb that you have on the 31 (i.e. 166?). If not and you want a shuttle then you might want to hang out for the 37. Doc it is still coming right?

As for the breaking point on the Athlon, I hope that I am not the one to tell you. I have had mine as high as 2.35v with water/bong however at this voltage I cannot stop the progression of the heat to a failure point. I am reularly running at 2.25 to 2.3 on this setup.
well i can deal with the heat. im sure that there is a point at which there is enough volts do degrade the circuit pats reguardless of temprature if anyone happens to know what that is id apreciate it.
Did anyone Welcome you to the Forums? Welcome to the Forums.

I am really looking at the 8k3a by epox. 2.2v to core and 3.2 to ddr. 115 shipped by newegg.
I have heard that they are a very nice board. I use a ak31 myself. Anyone gotten any word on the shuttle 333a?