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AK32L from pc 133 to 2100DDR

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Oct 6, 2002
I have an AK32L motherboard. When I bought it I installed 640 meg of PC 133 ram. I just changed to 256 PNY DDR 2100. My SiSoft Sandra scores didn't change much. I was thinking about overclocking the memory (maybe) but can't find anything in the bios to let me change the FSB (100 133 or 266 are the only options) also can't find a way to raise my memory voltage .Anyone know of any way or will the board just not do it. Can't cmplain if it doesn't I guess only paid 50 bucks for it and it runs smooth as silk. would adding 512 to it help or should I just wait and buy a new m/b later and go with some 2700 DDR I know the 2700 is better I just don't know how much. APPRECIATE ANY HELP
I have an AK35 GT/2 mobo. Thats what you need, it's got most overclocking features. It's cheap now. Or you could wait for the AK37 GT something. I don't know anything about the AK32L except last time I checked it wasn't approved by AMD. Also I think you should get 2700 RAM, but hey I don't know your budget. Mine's lower than heck. 512 of 2100 would be fine, too. Now a question from me. How loud is that Tornado fan? Thanks.
The Vantac fan is very loud. I am glad I have a seperate computer room. Wouldn't want to have to listen to it all the time. You kinda get used to it though. Better than spending a wad on water cooling in my opinion. I have a good set of speakers and usually listen to music while online that helps a lot