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ak73 pro[a]

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New Member
Mar 20, 2001
how can i keep the sys clock at 133mhz
when i o.c. my 1 gig athalon to 1666mhz the sys clock goes up to 166 causing my pc 133 memory to crap out
any suggestions?
You have to unlock the multipler on your cpu first. There's no way a one giga t-bird can do 10 X 166 =1666MHz. If you unlock the cpu, you can lower the default multipler say 9 X 133 = 1200MHz.
ok dude i got it at 1333mhz now and stock it's cooler than a cuke but i cannot go more because the sys clock keeps goin up and i got a prob with the memory my vid card supports 256mhz core speed and runs fine but the sys clock i want to slow down is there a stand alone proggy to do this thanks alot for more info