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ak73pro[a] continued..............

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New Member
Mar 20, 2001
ok i got the bios at 10 x 133 for a cpu clock of 1333mhz and all ok but if i go any more the pc 133 memory craps out!!!!! is there a way to set the sys clock at 133mhz and still increase the cpu clock more say to its max whatever that is? or is there a proggy that i need to do this????????? help!!!!!!! this 1 gig at 1333mhz is running too cool want to try to kill it i need maz speed help meplease
First, I would recommend that you replace the stock heatsink imediately, the heat will probably kill that awesome chip of yours. Until, you get yourself a quality heatsink, don't stay at that high speed too long.
You can unlock the cpu multipler by carefully connecting each one of the four bridges in L1 Cache from :::: to IIII with a hb pencil. Afterward you can change the multipler lower with high fsb or higher multipler with low fsb, of course you'll also have to jack up the voltage. Good luck.
ok so i dont know what you talkin bout but i have an iq above a rock so it will help ywhere do i get the pensil dude and where are the :::: to mane into llll's? please help me i will listen

oh yea this mother board has a built in temp shutdown device it is enabled at 55 celcuis so until it trips i aint worried