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Alienware Aurous R11 3080 i9 10900k (advice on moving to new case/mobo/cooling)

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Mar 4, 2003
Hey all. I ended up getting an Alienware because of the graphics card shortage.

I9 10900K
Aoruos R11

I just realized this stupid motherboard doesn't support 16x PCIE :(

I'm thinking of replacing the motherboard. I don't need more than 5ghz (what Im getting now)

I've upgraded the cooling to use 3 corsair ML 120 pro fans. It's quieter but not that cool.

I'm also thinking of upgrading the cooling, but doubt I can do that in this case, so I'm thinking of a new case as well. I'm trying to save as much money as possible and salvage all the parts I can, so plan to reuse the PSU. Would love the communities feedback on this.

So in short. What's the cheapest way I can get out of this config and into a rig that's cooler and has at least PCIE 16x?

Cheapest 2 mother boards I could find were ASUS Prime Z490-P and GIGABYTE Z490 UD
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How did a mb that shipped with a 10900k not support pcie 16x? According to this only the bottom slot is 16x

Edit so its an 8x slot but its 3.0

According to that same bandwidth as 16x 2.0
You would have to test if the 3080 would get bottlenecked though, I knew the older 1000 series were fine but no idea if the 3000 series are fine
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How did a mb that shipped with a 10900k not support pcie 16x? According to this only the bottom slot is 16x
Both slots are full-length (x16). Both slots are wired electrically as x8. There are no x16 (electrical) slots on that board.

I also mis-spoke above. With your 10th gen CPU, the top slot is PCIe 3.0. You'd need an 11th gen CPU for PCIe 4.0 on that top slot. :thup:

EDIT: You ninja edited after my post, Joe. I already linked to testing on this with a 3080. :thup:
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Yeah sorry, I saw after I made a mistake, didnt see you replied.
Considering the price of these machines, its ridiculous how much they cheap out with the mobo.


So theoretically you are at 96% performance of the card per the charts in earthdog's link
Using the top pcie 8x slot which is gen 3.
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Check for odd connections from the motherboard to the case and case fans before buying one. Alienware/Dell in the past have done that.
Great point! The first thing I looked at. All connectors are standard. 24-pin, 8-pin EPS, fans, etc.
Okay. I don’t see any weird connectors. Reading the other comments, it looks like I’m losing out on around 4% Performace. Which is pretty frustrating.

Another frustrating thing is this motherboard doesn’t allow the CPU to run like a normal 10900k. 3.6ghz to boost up to 5.3ghz when needed. It comes default at 4.8ghz all the time or I can alter the overclock to overclock all cores to another speed. So I settled at 5ghz. Which is the highest I can get with it. Throttling. Would rather it act normal and boost to 5.3 when needed.

I guess my question is. Should I just leave it at all alone and not upgrade. Leaving all cores locked at 5ghz pushing high 80c under load and run my 3080 at 96% of its potential?
4% is nothing, really...you'd be hardpressed to notice without a FPS counter honestly...

4.8 GHz is the all core/thread stock speed. Maybe load optimized defaults from the bios and Hwinfo... let it run in the background and then look at the max clocks.

Again 96% of a 3080 is still better than 99% of cards out there. If 4% loss is frustrating, then your option is to buy another motherboard. Is that 4% worth it? Not to me......but, I'm not asking the question either, lol. :)
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Agreed with Joe. 4%, depending on resolution and total fps may be 2-3 fps. If that is worth essentially rebuilding your whole machine then that's up to you. I personally wouldn't bother

Maybe a dumb question, but would it be worth it if I could just replace the mobo and put in a ASUS PRIME Z590M-PLUS? For PCIE 4.0 16x. Sell my 10900k and buy a 11900k? Total out of pocket $200?
That's not up to us. If you can use the IPC increase and don't care about the core/thread loss (10c/20t to 8c/16t) and the 4% you get with 4.0 x16 is worth your $200. Go for it.

That said, I wonder about buying (almost) the cheapest board possible for the job. I wouldn't do that... but you can get away with it at stock speeds. Not sure about that board and overclocking.