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Alienware offering replacement should I get Ryzen 5800 or Intel 10900kf

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Mar 4, 2003
Hey all,

Dell has finally offered me a replacement for my computer. It was having major issues with crashing. I am being offered a replacement.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800 Processor (8 Core, Up to 4.60GHz, 36MB Cache, 65W)


Intel Core 10th Generation i9-10900KF Processor (10 Core, Up to 5.30GHz, 20MB Cache, 125W)

I'm leaning toward the Ryzen for 3 reasons:

1st: It's cooler and probably wont melt the SSF case the Alienware Aorura sits in.
2nd: Better gaming performance
3rd: I believe both use an 8x pci-e slot. But AMD is pci-e 4.0 while Intel is pci-e 3.0. Meaning the ryzen will get the benefit of 100% of the GPU's potential, while the Intel will be hampered by around 4-8%

Would love your thoughts.
I have the i9 currently. And it thermal throttles in my alienware. So I guess my biggest question is. Does the 5800 run cooler than the 10900?
Generally, sure... but it depends what heateink, case, and cooler/airflow if it throttles. 5800X doesn't come with a cooler iirc.
The 5800X will put out less wattage in terms of heat but from what I've read the biggest issue with these Dell PCs is a lack of proper cooling. Regardless of whether you have Intel or AMD, it appears they all have some heat/throttling issues. You may need to improve on some things aftermarket to get the most out of either system.