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All core overclocking 3600X with NH-D15

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New Member
Nov 22, 2020
Hello all,

I have been using 3600x with MSI Gaming Plus Max and NH-D15 for over two months, I am pretty much a newbie in overclocking. It was running with auto oc setups. Last I could achieve auto was 4.25 ghz all core but wasn't satisfied with the temps. Today I tried increasing TDP limits on PBO&stuff, disabled amd coolnquiet and spread spectrum, set the voltage to 1.325 and went on exploring. It seems to work fine on 1.325 and 4.25 all core but when I try 4.3 all core and 1.325, p95 temps reach 92c+, while vcore drops as low as 1.25, package tdp shows up as 125w but worker 1 always errors in few mins but doesn't crash. I don't know how to proceed right now. I am mainly trying to reach stable 4.3 all core in a lower voltage but I am not sure if it's possible. btw, aida64 runs at 4.3ghz 1.325 just fine for 1 hour, hovering right around 78c.

How should I proceed? Is it the maximum possible with this cpu? Personally I am not satisfied with 92c ish on p95 custom 128kb-128kb with nh-d15 so i don't want to increase my voltage higher really. What would the best scenario would be? Should i go with 4.25ghz 1.325v? Could it be a badly mounted cpu cooler maybe?


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Jun 5, 2013
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Welcome to the forum Flarayig!

What test are you running in P95? I would recommend the small FFTs test for testing your initial CPU stability. If it runs without errors for an hour and temps are acceptable then run the blend test. I avoid large FFTs on P95 as the temps are generally higher than real life scenarios. I switched to AIDA64 a few years back and have been happy with the results.

The NH-D15 is more than capable to cool an overclocked 3600X.


May 30, 2004
2 hours, in usually only acceptable for testing a stock CPU. Thus, I would go for at least 4 hours, for a CPU core OC.

Usually, too little Vcore, results in an error sooner than that, such as around 1 hour and 45 minutes or sooner.


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Feb 18, 2007
How are you going about setting your OC? Bios or software? And what have you changed, multipliers, bus speeds or both? I can run my 3600 at 4.44 prime stable, but it will get into the low 80s. Normally lately I run stock voltage and set it for 105 * 39.5 for 4147 MHz all-core. I also have all the cool'n'quiet \ speedstep like stuff disabled. Mainly because for some reason I can't set a multi higher than 40 in the BIOS, but have no issue at all doing so within windows.