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All In Wonder 9000

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Folding in memory of my dads, Tim B. & Mike B.
Nov 22, 2002
Hi all,

I just ordered an ATI All In Wonder 9000 (Pro, I think) from New Egg along with a refurb 8RDA+. When combined with my extra Tbred "A" 1700 and a yet to be accquired 802.11b PCI card I am hoping to make this a Multimedia machine. Mainly I will be playing MP3's but I want to play the occasional DVD as well.

SO, will this system, with 512mb (PC2100) memory, 80gb HDD, and a DVD-ROM drive be able to do this??

It will not be Overclocked!

**EDIT** I changed my mind. I am still getting the VC but it will be running on my Epox 8K5A2+ with a XP1800 Tbred A. The 8RDA and the 1700 will be going into my server (yet to be set up). The Multimedia center will also have my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Card in it.

Is this an OK set up? I am trying to go cheap but have the money if needed.


Nov 10, 2002
yea i dont think ya gotta worry if all your doing is DVD's and such

my PII with 128mb of PC100 on a geforce 2 plays DVD's fine so...prolly a pretty good setup for what your doing