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All you water cooler experts and non experts read pls...

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Apr 7, 2001
i was looking to make a water cooled system on a 1.2/200 k7 and a MSI KT7 Pro 2-A motherboard. Can any of you list possible GOOD solutions for under $150 USD
Hey Acid,
I have mostly DangerDen stuff, I also have the MSI pro2a mobo and if you want you can check out my watercooling setup here http://yourpage.blazenet.net/nutndun/watercool.htm I believe I have about $200 into it with the pump. Works pretty good, I need a little more case ventilation but even with the way it is now I have my T-bird 1Ghz @ 1300 w/1.95vcore and the case temps are up to 27C and at full load crunching Folding WU's the cpu temp is at 44C. You can see in the pics there isn't much of a way until I add some more case fans for the fan to pull too much air through the radiator with the case covers on. Hopefully this info helps ya a little bit.
without a doubt look at the aquastaelth2 kit, it will run about $120.00 complete and more than fulfill your needs
Always try water first with a Bird or Duron. Pelts won't give you as much as water. Another pimp for DangerDen. You should be able to put a top notch H2O rig together for $150.
I don't think i am able to make this if i should test it out on a duron cause im already $30 over and unless i can find a duron for 10 i can't make it
and that 150 doesn't incluyde artic silver 2 or all the tubing which i don't know the cost at home depot yet
nm im totally stupid on that i can test it with my 1.2 thunderbird and if it breaks it i can beg my parents for a 1.3/266 lol
I just jumped in the water cooling pool today and I want to tell you it is worth every penny. I got a system from 2Cool Computer...
There is a thumbs up review on their water block over in the reviews...

The kit was $120.00 and came with everything except for a fan for the radiator. I was running hot 130 F at full load on my T-Bird before. Tonight I have been running the same programs and I havn't seen it go over 100 F. Also I couldn't get the Bird to stableize over 1100 with HSF but it is cranking at 1200 @ 1.75v easy. Take the plunge It's worth it.