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Alpha For P 4 Northwood

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Mar 22, 2002
I read somewhere that Alpha was making a cooler just for the P 4 ... does anyone know if it has been released yet

Whats a good alternative to the Retail HSF

I plan on OC with a TH7 2
my P41.8A is running at 28C with my volcano 7+ at medium speed, with my Dragon Orb 478 it was at 35C. I really like it. Plus it has the speed contron on it which is really nice.
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I've been trying to find an independant review on the PAL 8942 since it was released but haven't found one.
Has anybody found/read a review on the HS yet?
I've used an Alpha 8045 trimmed a bit to fit on my P4 rig. It is a huge heatsink. The 8942 is even bigger. The performance is greatly dependant on the fan used. It's pin count and thereby it's suface area is greater than even the swiftech478. The pins are hexagonal and densely packed so a high cfm 80mm fan is what to use. I experimented with a Thermaltake adjustable speed fan which would operate at 2700rpm to 5000rpm. I burried the thermister in the pins and stuffed a wad of cotton over the thermister so direct airflow wasn't on the thermister. It would operate at 3000rpm at idle and up to 4000rpm full load. The response time was ineffective and it would never reach full rpm's. I suggest not to use adjustable fans at all on any heatsink. I ended up bypassing the thermister and operating at full 5000rpm for much better results. The noise is still a lot less than my old PIII setup with a delta 60mm fan.
When the comparison reviews on the Alpha come out just keep in mind to check what the performance level of the fan is that they use. It would be easy for unscrupulous reviewers to downplay it by using a POS fan.
Yodums said:
Released along time ago... I heard it was good, but not great. The Volcano 7+ looks great.

I would say be careful on that V7+ on socket 478. Mine barely made any contact w/ the CPU.

rlemieux, did yours work straight out of the box?
I have a Alpha 8542 for my P4.. Beware.. You must get a Delta 68CFM to get performance out of this cooler.. I tried it with a 50CFM and it was horrible... The fan is very important.. and make sure it's sucking.. blowing gives me 2C higher temps..
Kaiser_Sose said:
Do you know why you can only up your 1.6 to 1.8

Hmm? I was running my 1.6G Northwood at 2.2G (138x16) w/ Vcore set at 1.8v... Sorry if I caused any confusion...