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Alpha P3125 Questions

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Senior Member
Apr 21, 2001
1. Does anyone know if the Alpha P3125 can coll CPUs to ambient temperatures within the case?

2. Does anyone know a link to a good/decent price for a kit

Welcome to the forums!!

I have a P3125 on my P/// 600E (see my sig below), and while it will cool the chip extremely well, the idle temps are usually just over ambiant.

I think the only way you will get below ambiant is with water cooling and/or a peltier. The P3125 is a great hsf, and is highly regarded as one of, if not the best P/// SECC2 hsf available.

You shouldn't have any thermal problems with one of these, I think. I know I don't. I am able to run Prime95, and Sandra CPU Burn-in simultaniousely, and my CPU temp never reaches 40c. (Usually tops out at 37 or 38c)

Happy overclocking!!


Mr B
Yes and they do work very well with Peltiers as well. I'm running an 86w peltier. MY cpu temps are around the middle teens @ idle and never gets above 27c under extreme load!

Of course the weather is getting warmer so my temps are gonna rise as well. Thats why I'm going to watercooling.

One thing if you run the P3125 with a tec you better have good case cooling. Cause it will pump a lot of heat off of the cpu. And your gonna need to exhaust that air out of the case!
Is it wise to use the P3125 with a fairly low voltage peltier? Assuming that is my PSU can handle it.