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Alpha P3125S Results Here!

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May 29, 2001
Alrighty, here's what I found out for the curious!

Installed my Alpha 3125s on my PIII-750E. Because of the incorrect temperature reportings of the Asus p3v4x motherboard, I bought my own thermometer and reader. The reports are right, the readout is always around 10 degrees lower than the BIOS is reporting.

Anyway, the sucker now idles at around 23 celsius, and under a load it was hitting only 30 celsius. Not bad. Did not do any extreme tests yet, but those numbers ain't bad, no? Now if I can only get this thing to post at 133fsb...

I've still got my Pentium III-750E only to post at 124fsb, but I have some better Crucial memory on the way. I believe what I have in there right now is some generic stuff at 3 3 3 6. Crucial's stuff, hopefully, will be better.

Thoughts, comments, questions?

Thanks for the info, I have the same board and HSF on a 700, and ive been thinking that the temps im getting are off....Looks like im hittong RatShack tomorrow for a temp sensor.
Cool, do me a favor, let me know what you find out!

Just a followup...While running Sisoft Sandra, the CPU peaked at 40 celsius during the CPU Multimedia Test. I still think this is pretty decent. 40 is the REAL temperature, by the way, the Asus motherboard would have reported in around 50.