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Alpha p3125s - To lap or not?

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Mar 13, 2001
In the barrel!
Well, just got this today and was going over it like one does with a new toy. Looking at the contact area, there are quite a few "grooves" visable from the machining process. (I can feel them against my fingernail type thing.) I'm pretty sure that it's flat, just not sure about the groves. Think I should lap this thing or just slam it in there?

Mr B, I know you've got one of these. Your thoughts?

Oh yeah, will it be a problem plugging both fans via the "y" adapter to one fan header on my mobo?
I lapped my 3125, only to get rid of those ridges for better contact area.....Other than that, lapping probally isnt needed..With the amount quality work Alpha puts into there products, im sure it was flat of of the box.
Being the impatient person that I am, I had to install it as soon as I got home. Manm what a difference! I'm seeing 15f reduction in heat over the Vantec. I'll run it 'till Saturday then lap it to get rid of the ridges. Got few other case mods to do as well. (Just picked up a Dremel 2day) I will get a gig out of this thing damn it!!
I did notice those ridges mentioned....I didn't bother to lap mine out though.

I did have mine apart recently, to reapply some Arctic Silver, and at that time, I tried the polishing trick using Crest toothpaste. This didn't remove those ridges, but did polish the copper up to a nice shine.

Alpha does a good job of machining these IMHO (at least they did good on mine). If you are going to lap it, do it on a very flat surface !! If you've got a 8x10 picture hanging somewhere, pull the glass out of the frame, and put it on the flattest surface you can find (I used the top of my computer desk).

Be prepared for a very tired arm, BTW... ??? This is a big puppy.


Mr B

**update...missed the line about the fans. Don't think plugging two fans into one MB fan header is a good idea. I'd run them straight off of the PSU (you get a constant 12v that way too). **