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Alpha PAL6035 fan pushing air down or pulling it out?

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The masterless newbie

Apr 5, 2001
Greetings everyone...
I just had a quick question about the alpha pal6035. Many of the pictures I've seen of the HSF assembled have the fan pulling air up and out of the heatsink. However, some websites say this is incorrect. They think that best cooling occurs w/ air being pushed down through the heatsink. What does everyone else think??
The ol' Alpha sucking vs. blowing controversy rears it's ugly head again... :)

I was told that the PAL works the best sucking, so I tried it both ways with my system. I posted the results a while back. Maybe it's because of the way I have my case fans setup, but sucking caused my motherboard temps to go through the roof, although it did drop my CPU temp a degree or so. I found that with my system, the GlobalWin FOP cooled better, so that's what I'm still using. Your mileage may vary.
My tests showed the Alpha PAL 6035 with the Delta 38 fan on it worked better sucking the air instead of blowing. about a 3 degree difference.
Well I didnt find much of a difference as far as sucking or blowing on my system. That was before I installed my first peltier. When I installed my pelt, I made sure the fans were sucking off the heatsink. I don't want all that heat being pushed onto the board!
I have the PAL 6035 and when installed correctly it preforms much better blowing.
you could always it to suck up air, then make a duct with another fan in it suckint the air out of the case

that is what i would do, but then again i have been told more then once that i am insane


the man that has 12 120mm fans in one case
I still say it all depends on the system you're using, such as configuration of case fans and other things like that. The best advice I can give is to try it one way, carefully record temps, then try it the other way and compare your results. Watch both CPU temps and motherboard (system) temps.
I bought the full PAL6035MUC kit and alpha recommends to set the fan they provide sucking (sanyodenki). I was astonished at a time then I supposed Alpha knows which configuration is the best for their serious product. IMO, I would say that blowing isn't as efficient because of the high density of the fins, powerful fans maybe suits blowing but a weak would lose it's efficiency in that fin jungle. I'm putting things together to make an 80 to 60 mm and try with a 31CFM as a replacement of the 20CFM (so low CFM beacaus I hate noise).I'll try both ways and report.