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Alpha PAL6035 owners here

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2001
West Central MN
I started this post to help every one that just got an Alpha PAL6035. So, all you owners out there post your tips, suggestions, and advice here to help out others that may have just gotten or are looking to get an Alpha PAL6035.

Thank You
Damn fingers are faster than the brain.

Don't forget to lap it either, the finish that mine had was horrible!
Thats A good tip, I just figured that out myself. :) On my [email protected] (just for a while) My temps while blowing where a blistering 38c. But after switching the delta around to suck, my full load temps dropped to 33c! I am so much happier now... EDIT: the finnish on mine wasn't too bad. I couldn't notice any bumps when I ran my fingernail across it. Maybe someday I will lap it...
Put a delta 38cfm fan on it and have it suck, then try to have an exhaust fan very close to it so it can exhaust the warm air from the CPU right out the back. My Enlight 7237 case is perfect for that. I'm runnin 35 full load. 29 ambient temp. With the covers on my case, it's not that loud.