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Alpha PAL8942T - Should I get it for my P4 System?

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Apr 5, 2002
I'm putting together a P4 2.0A system using an Abit TH7II-RAID motherboard. I've learned that the stock HSF on my P4 isn't the newer Sunflower which people say works pretty well. So I'm looking for a new HSF. Should I get this Alpha? I've read a little about the Swiftech, but since I want to do audio work, I'm trying to minmize the noise.

By the way, if I do get this Alpha, should I go with the version with the Panaflo fan? I see that it is only a 40 cfm fan, but if I understand things correctly, when I overclock my system, I'm more likely to top out because of the RDRAM sticks or the DRCG's rather than from the heat of the CPU. If that assumption is correct, would the Panaflo version of the Alpha give me adequate cooling with less noise? Or perhaps one with a Papst fan? Any consensus on what is quieter - a Panaflo or a Papst?

Also, just wondering what the difference is between the Arctic products and under what circumstances you use each one. There's Arctic Silver Thermal Compound, Arctic Silver Thermal Epoxy, Arctic Alumina Thermal Compound and Arctic Silver Thermal Epoxy and I'm a little confused.

Thanks in advance,
Eggroll :D
Well the Pal is one of the best hs, the perfomance will depend on which fan you use, Around 50 Cfm will be enough.